Target Style| Denim Hack (August Promotion)

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FLare 5 Flare 4 Flare 3 flare 2 flare 1 BF jeans 2 bf2bf jeansExperimenting with different styles of denim can be a challenging and daunting task. Because of our various body shapes, it can be hard to find the perfect fit of a particular style and that can create a time consuming shopping day filled with frustration, and sometimes leaving a store empty handed.

For me personally, I have always been scared to try the 70’s style bell-bottom jeans in fear that I may look too 70’s-esque. Also, I found it very difficult to find the perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. Because I have wider hips, I could never find the proper fit for my body. But luckily, when Target sent me some jeans from their new denim line, I found both of these styles that fit my body shape perfectly and comfortably. One is their high-rise flare jeans, which I love because of the higher waist. The second is their distressed boyfriend jeans.

One of the best things about the new Target denim line is that in the first two weeks of August, you can get free shipping and free returns when you shop denim on! Even though denim shopping can be challenging at times, I hope that all of you give this new line of denim a try. Since you can get free shipping and free returns, you can keep the pieces that you love and send back the ones you don’t. It is a win-win situation! When you pick out your favorite denim, be sure to share your favorite denim styles on your social media accounts and use #TargetStyle. Also, I would love for you to share with me your looks, so be sure to comment on this post with your looks!

Happy denim shopping!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

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Hot Summer Days With Donuts

CU-0fqZ2TvJHe_KP5BS9V_gozMuaKUaQH0u7VHnBqVg 2Ysc45NhyQVc7r8UK9t8BZoSosmb7F9N6XQ5rugsDoY 8mGTtMHurJtc70C_pijmchlFxgLBn1lQSJI_Zpf7gIo tO3Lz0UjRMaUPIke81NVrjodM3OFYllfu1jDZXkH9vU IMG_1055 IMG_1039 IMG_1031 IMG_1026 IMG_1015 IMG_1091 IMG_1079uYBqRwB8DIzDiHa_Z9RcJcOKn-j22EIPNDnOrJSF8Lc VNVQfvUIdpnyuFPlQZACdGv-uPXjy0j2QWY4Kpscth4Dress: Shoshanna, Wedges: Target, Hat: Urban Outfitters, Bracelet: Kate Spade, Watch: Michael Kors | Photos: Amor Capdevila Photography 

During Swim Week, if you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (BisousBrittany), you will know that The House of Sequins came down from Long Island and attended the events with me! We had a great time at the shows but we definitely had to find a great donut shop for her. If you didn’t already know, she is OBSESSED with donuts. No, literally obsessed! She has to have a donut a day. So of course we headed down to Las Olas and found a great little donut shop called Rhinos Doughnuts, and sat down to indulge!

I am about to head to the Keys and relax this weekend with my family and fiancé! I will be writing my engagement story very soon so that I can share with you all the details! I can’t wait to begin sharing wedding prep ideas with you all!

Have a great weekend!
Bisous, Brittany Michèle


Smile Science- Teeth Whitening!


DSC_6320Smile Science 2Smile ScienceCoffee 11If you haven’t noticed in my recent posts, I have been using this Smile Science teeth whitening system! It is a simple and easy way to whiten your teeth quickly and effectively. I have been using it for a few weeks now and I definitely have seen changes in the whiteness of my teeth. Since I live in Miami, we drink a lot of Cuban coffee! So I have to find a way to maintain these pearly whites! What I love about it is that it does not leave my teeth feeling sensitive or strange after using it for an extended period of time. I have always had that issue with prior teeth whitening products that I have used.

If you use my code “BISOUS”, you will get your very own in-home teeth whitening system for only $29 with Smile Science!

Have a great day everyone!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle





Target Style Denim Challenge

This post is sponsored by Target.

Mid-Rise Skinny Jean

IMG_0417IMG_0360    IMG_0458  IMG_0449       IMG_0342 IMG_0338 IMG_0265 IMG_0238

Boyfriend Distressed Jeans

IMG_0219 IMG_0203 IMG_0186 IMG_0163 IMG_0085 IMG_0097


High-rise Flare Jeans

  IMG_0032 IMG_0022  IMG_9951IMG_9924    IMG_9894 IMG_9884


High-rise Jegging

IMG_0503  IMG_0622    IMG_0663IMG_0643

Denim can be a challenging thing to find when shopping. Between finding the right shape for my body, the right style for my frame and finding a good price, denim shopping definitely has its challenges. I was recently sent 4 different styles of denim from Target so that I could participate in a 14-day challenge. I couldn’t be more excited for this challenge because I fell in love with every pair of jeans I was sent. There were 4 very different styles that I have been styling for the past two weeks: the 70s inspired high rise flare light wash denim, a high rise jegging in a dark wash, their loose fitting distressed boyfriend jeans in a light wash and the mid-rise skinny jean in a medium wash. All 4 styles were so different, and yet I loved them all, which was very surprising to me. In this post, you will see how I wore the denim dressed up and down for all of the styles. I would love to know what your favorite style is from the post, so let me know in the comments section!

All 4 styles were unique in their own way and I would wear each pair for different events or daily activities. The pair I was most surprised by was the high-rise flare light wash. I have not worn a flare pair of jeans since I was about 11 or 12 years old, nor do I ever gravitate towards light wash denim. So this style surprised me most in the best way possible. The next pair that I really loved was the light wash distressed boyfriend jeans. I loved how comfortable they were, plus I felt like I could dress them up and down depending on what blouse and shoes/heels I wore with them. Lastly, the high-rise jeggings and the mid-rise skinny jeans also fit perfectly and hugged my curves so nicely. These two styles are most similar to jeans I already had, but actually fit better than any other denim I own. I love the different rises each offers, and how these jeans are so veritable and comfortable as well. They are great for me to wear out on the town or wear to work everyday.

Starting July 26th, you all will be able to try on all new Target denims in their stores, plus you will receive $10 off! After wearing these jeans for 14 days, believe me, you don’t want to miss out on all of these amazing new styles that Target has to offer, plus you can finally find your unique shape and style. Head over to and find the perfect pair of jeans for you. Be sure to leave a review with how you like the new styles on as well. Also, if you post your looks to Instagram, be sure to #TargetStyle as well!

Thank you all for stopping by today and checking out my 14-day denim challenge! Be sure to head over to for their new denim line and be sure to head in to stores on July 26th for your $10 off!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Find your style @targetstyle


Lyon + Post

IMG_0296IMG_0291IMG_0197IMG_0196IMG_0193IMG_0287 IMG_0285 IMG_0283 IMG_0280 IMG_0278IMG_0206IMG_0212IMG_0208IMG_0214 IMG_0274 IMG_0254 IMG_0234IMG_0189IMG_0185Blouse: Joe Fresh, Jeans: c/o Target, Earrings: Rocksbox, Ring: c/o Kendra Scott

Today, I wanted to share with you all a new company that I have discovered called Lyon + Post. Lyon+ Post solves all your online shopping problems. How so? Retail stores never make you pay before trying on clothes that you want to purchase, so why should you have to pay before buying when online shopping? Lyon + Post has truly revolutionized online shopping by allowing customers to try on beautiful designer clothing before they purchase it. Their mission is to simplify e-commerce by giving members the ability to see, touch, and try on clothes before they spend money on anything.

The items I received in my box that I picked out from their site were:

1) Sundry- Stripe Voile Oversized Shirt (which you can see me wearing in this post- it is so comfy and cute)

2) Equipment- Teagan Dress which is multicolored and absolutely beautiful! It was the first thing to catch my eye on their site

3) Blaque Label- Peekaboo Jumper which is a sophisticated jumper for a company dinner, a holiday party, or another chic event

4) Cameo – Power Trip Jumpsuit in the color Cobalt which is a great going out outfit!

I absolutely love their “try on before you buy” concept, because there is nothing worse than purchasing something online that doesn’t fit you correctly. It becomes a hassle to online shop at times, but Lyon + Post makes online shopping so much easier and hassle free.

I will be heading off to Boston tomorrow, and I cannot wait for my trip! Follow me on Instagram and SnapChat to see my travel adventures at “BisousBrittany”.

Bisous, Brittany Michèle


Top Knots & Summer Days

DSC_6343 DSC_6339 DSC_6333 DSC_6329 DSC_6327DSC_6293 DSC_6325DSC_6320DSC_6314 DSC_6306DSC_6323 DSC_6302 DSC_6296DSC_6317Blouse: H&M, Jeans: American Eagle, Bag: Kate Spade from TJ Maxx, Heels: Coach from Off Fifth Saks, Earrings: Rocksbox, Necklace: Banana Republic, Bracelet: Kate Spade, Sunnies: Zac Posen c/o Ditto (Use code “BISOUSBRITTANY” for one month free!)

Happy Monday loves! This past weekend was Swim Week (follow me on SnapChat and Instagram to see all the footage: @BisousBrittany), and wow it was a hot weekend! Sarah from The House of Sequins and I attended all of the events together and I think Sarah melted from the moment she got here to the moment she left. I too felt like the weekend was extremely hot and almost unbearable at times. That being said, we both really enjoyed ourselves at Swim Week and had fun at all of the events we attended. I think that my favorite line was definitely Mara Hoffman. Her presentation was held at Casa Casuarina (otherwise known as the Versace Mansion). Her line was absolutely beautiful and I have one picture posted on my Instagram from her presentation because I loved it so much.

Other than that, I only attended Swim Week on Friday and Saturday. Since Sarah came in on Friday, we did all day Friday and most of the day Saturday. Sunday I spent the day relaxing, going to see Train Wreck as well as did some homework.

It was a great weekend and I should have a post up soon of some photos from the shows. I am looking forward to sharing those with you all!

Thank you for visiting and have a great Monday!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Cup O’ Coffee

Coffee14Coffee 111Coffee 6 Coffee12Coffee15Coffee5 Coffee13Coffee17Blouse: Banana Republic, Jeans: American Eagle, Watch: c/o Wristology (Use Code: Britt20 for 20% off), Bracelets: c/o Kendra Scott, Kate Spade bow bracelet, Earrings: Loft, Ring: c/o Kendra Scott, Sunglasses: c/o Ditto- Zac Posen “Tortoise Bibi” (Use code: BISOUSBRITTANY for your first month free), App: Shopular

I have so many fun things to talk about today with you all! First off, I am planning my trip to Boston next week, which I am so excited about, and me and Tyronne have been doing a lot of shopping to prepare for our trip! To find some great deals, I have been using the Shopular app, which I highly recommend to you all. It tells you the best deals that are around you wherever you may be! It sends me updates anytime I am passing by the mall or a particular store to let me know what savings they are currently offering! And if you are anything like me, you want a good bargain and to save money all the time.

Next, I wanted to share with you all a new company that I am loving called Ditto. It is a sunglasses subscription service that only cost’s $19 a month for you to wear your favorite designer sunnies! You get to pick which sunglasses you like for the month, wear them and then ship them back in exchange for a different pair! How cool is that? If you use my code “BISOUSBRITTANY”, you get your first month free! I first tried out the Zac Posen Bibi sunglasses, and now am about to ship them off in exchange for some Karen Walkers! (Follow me on SnapChat and you will see my new Karen Walkers that came in the mail yesterday: BisousBrittany).

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and check out both the Shopular app and Ditto for some new summer sunnies!

Thanks for stopping by!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle



Bright & Summery

DSC_5108DSC_5184DSC_5268DSC_5228 DSC_5125DSC_5206DSC_5240 DSC_5151DSC_5224DSC_5205 DSC_5230DSC_5287 DSC_5091Dress: c/o Maple Street Boutique, Sandals: Coach from Off Fifth, Purse: Ralph Lauren from TJ Maxx, Bracelets: Banana Republic, c/o Kendra Scott, Ring: c/o Kendra Scott, Earrings: Loft

I have spoken about my love for shift dresses before and I have to talk about it again. When I put on this Maple Street Boutique dress, I fell in love! It is the perfect summer shift dress with the most beautiful pattern and colors. When I wore this dress into work, people told me that I looked like I was about to vacation in Palm Beach, and that is just what this beautiful dress makes me feel like.

I paired my summer dress with my brand new Coach shoes that I scored at Off Fifth. I am in love with these shoes, but unfortunately, they kill my pinky toe. I need to find a solution to this issue because I am dying to bring them on my trip to Boston coming up, so I may have to go and consult with a shoe cobbler. Any suggestions are welcomed! To complete the look, I wore my trusty Ralph Lauren handbag, which my boyfriend tells me I wear too much of. He actually told me the other day “Brittany, I give you permission to go out and buy a new handbag, because you wear this one too much”. So of course, in true Brittany form, I went out the next day and bought a new handbag. For a peak of what I purchased, follow me on Instagram @BisousBrittany and on SnapChat at BisousBrittany as well!

Thank you all for stopping by!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Nautical By The Sea

IMG_9063IMG_9054IMG_9066IMG_9058 IMG_9061IMG_9068IMG_9056IMG_9062Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington, Dress: Ross (old), Hat: Target, Gold bangle & Rings: Banana Republic | Photos by @hi_tola (Instagram)

If you haven’t noticed already, I love nautical looks. You can see some of my past nautical posts here, here, and here. For today’s look, this is a more feminine nautical look because of the white flowy dress and my wide brimmed hat. White and navy is the perfect color combination for the summer time and a great mix or dark and light hues. The main focus of this look is obviously the beautiful Daniel Wellington “Classic Glasglow Lady” watch, which I think is perfect for both men and women. It is a great summer accessory and can be worn with so many types of looks.

Next week, Miami will be holding Swim Week and I hope that you all will follow me on my trip to all the shows! Be sure to follow me on Instagram @BisousBrittany and on Snapchat at BisousBrittany! I will be sure to post a lot about my experience. Oh, and guess who will be coming with me? Sarah from The House of Sequins! She will be attending all of the shows with me and we are both super excited!

Thanks for stopping by and be sure to follow me on IG and Snapchat!

Bisous, Brittany Michèle

Lululemon Giveaway!

web_lululemon_mat-788x350 copy

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